Dreadlocks Denver


Dreadlocks Denver is a unique, full-service salon specializing in dreadlock installations, maintenance, extensions + repairs!

Dreadlocks Denver is the vision of owner and stylist, Jason Kides, a Denver transplant and natural hair enthusiast. Jason provides a sound and personalized experience, embodying each client’s individuality and hair goals. Utilizing a crochet hook method that works on all hair types, dreadlocks are made free of product, wax and rubber bands. Book now to make the first step towards the hair you have always wanted!


Dreadlocks Denver occupies a bright, plant-filled salon on the east side of Denver, Colorado. Good music, easy conversation and an incredibly comfortable chair create a welcoming and relaxing environment to get your dreadlocks done.


Jason Kides began working with dreadlocks through an apprenticeship with Jacob Cohen, the founder and former owner. He quickly found a great passion for working with hair upon joining the Dreadlocks Denver team. Soon after, Jason acquired the business as a whole! Since then, Jason has been working nonstop to refine his abilities as a dreadlock specialist. Jason strives to create a beautiful and welcoming environment where clients feel that each visit is a refreshing moment of self-care.

Looking forward to having you in the chair!