Dreadlock Longevity Through Routine Maintenance!

There are many things you can do to keep your dreadlocks happy and healthy, but routine maintenance may be one of the most important!

Dreadlock maintenance can best be described as the process through which your dreadlock specialist tightens new hair growth at the root, tidies sections and tucks in any unwanted loose hair.

Regular root maintenance plays a large role in keeping the scalp happy; like anything, a healthy environment encourages growth rather than stunting it.

When dreads start to come together and mat at the roots, the skin underneath has greater difficulty in receiving the oxygen it needs.

Additionally, cleaning up those sections aids in the overall maturation of your dreadlocks as it keeps them tight and cylindrical.

Finally, routine maintenance makes appointment times QUICKER! As a crochet method specialist, I know touch-ups have the ability to cause slight soreness. Help me help you (and your wallet!) – I promise your dreadlocked head will thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Dreadlock Longevity Through Routine Maintenance!

  1. Jason says:

    Hello my name is Jason and I am interested in dreadlock extensions only on the top of my head. How much do you charge ?

    1. dreadlocksdenver says:

      Hi Jason! Here is how we breakdown cost for dreadlock extensions:

      $10 per extension needed + the labor it takes to install them at the rate of $60 per hour

      Because everyone’s hair length, density and color is different, I would need you to come in for a free consultation before I could give you a more precise quote. Feel free to schedule one by clicking through to our Service Menu + Booking page!


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