Crochet Dreadlocks + Kids

Crochet dreadlocks are a significant style choice for anyone, as is the maintenance that comes along with them. Is it fair for children to wear crochet dreadlocks? More often than not, my answer is yes if the following criteria is met:

1. The parents/legal guardians are willing to play an active role in the maintenance of their child’s dreadlocks, both at home and with me.

Crochet dreadlocks definitely require a little homework, especially when they are new!

At home, I encourage regular palm rolling first and foremost. Because each client’s hair needs are different, however, I give personalized maintenance advice at the end of every appointment.

Additionally, dreadlock maintenance can be slightly painful for anyone. As a result, I actively seek to minimize the amount of potential pain for my young clients by keeping their roots much looser than adult client roots.

This image shows the roots of partial dreadlocks left intentionally loose. The subject is a 12-year-old child with crochet dreadlocks on top of his head.
Partial dreadlock installation on a 12-year-old child
(Notice his looser roots)

2. The parents/legal guardians and child both understand that having dreadlocks will create differences in their daily life.

As dreadlocks can require a little extra time and care at the beginning of their journey, educating your child (and yourself!) is a must. With that said, dreadlocks can be an incredibly liberating hairstyle for a young person because they require less attention as they mature (if good care habits are in place from the start).

If you bring your child to Dreadlocks Denver for an appointment, rest assured that both you and your child will receive detailed instructions on how to best care for crochet dreadlocks.

3. It is clear the child shows an interest in dreadlocks and can comfortably sit for the entirety of the appointment (as dreadlock services require much more time than an average hair service).

It’s important that your child shows a genuine interest in dreadlocks! As dreadlock appointment times run much longer than a haircut (an average haircut takes 30-45 minutes while dreadlock services average at about 2 hours), your child needs to play a major role in making this decision.

This picture shows a 12-year-old child with partial crochet dreadlocks on top of his head. He is smiling. The background is a red, orange and black mural.
All smiles after his 4 hour installation!

If this criteria is successfully met, I will happily install dreadlocks on your child! At Dreadlocks Denver, we seek to serve (and uplift!) all people that are interested in crochet dreadlocks.

Are you ready to make an appointment? Take a look at our Service Menu + Booking page for detailed descriptions of and requirements for all crochet dreadlock services! ⬇

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